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Spirit Sticks

Spirit Rings are custom-embroidered keychains that students display Spirit Sticks on.  Spirit Rings work great on backpacks, lunch boxes, instrument cases, jackets and more.

Spirit Sticks are small custom-embroidered patches that students can earn, collect, and display on a Spirit Ring, lanyard, or key ring.  Spirit Sticks promote school spirit and participation by providing meaningful extrinsic rewards with lasting value, beyond the school year.
The SVE PTO is happy to give all incoming Kindergarten students a Spirit Ring with their grade level spirit stick. Grades first thru fourth will receive a grade level spirit stick to add to their spirit ring.
    Here's some examples of what is coming home this year:
We have a total of 200 Thanksgiving Theme sticks for purchase. Please fill out the form and payment at
The PTO is selling Mystery Spirit Packs by mail this year. You can go to to purchase your mystery pack. Each pack includes a total of 4 spirit sticks for the cost of $5. The sticks will be mailed to your child for some surprise fun mail!
Please contact Lisa Lawson at
with any questions.
Thank you!
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