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Reward Programs

Redners Save-a-tape Program


How it works:
Stop at the customer service area of your local Redner’s Store and get a Redner's card.  By using this card each time you purchase merchandise at Redner’s, your receipt will be designated as a Save-A-Tape customer receipt.  Send your receipts into school and place in the PTO bin.  Redner’s will donate 1% of your purchases to the SV PTO.  That’s it!
Questions about Redner’s Tape Programs?
Contact Kim Geltz at

How It Works

Shop. Snap. Earn.

It really is THAT easy!

Get Started

  • Download the Shoparoo App to your smart phone

  • Use Reference Code: PASS1331 to connect to 

Schuylkill Valley Elementary School

  • Shop any store, big or small, that primarily sells food, health, or beauty items

  • Snap pictures of ALL your receipts for Roo points

  • Your receipts turn into Roo points which earns money for our school

Shoparoo accepts receipts for just about everything! Even if a receipt doesn't qualify for Roo points which turns into cash for the school, it does qualify you for an entry into the monthly sweepstakes where you could win $1,000 for the school! Are you competitive? Well the app allows you to see who else is earning Roo points and who the top earners for each grade and over all for the entire school!

If you have any questions concerning the Shoparoo Program, please contact the board at This program does not require a coordinator!

Shutterfly Rewards

Shop these awesome websites:
Just go to SV PTO's Storefront at:
The PTO will earn 13% commission on every order placed through our Storefront.  Anyone can go through the Storefront to purchase products so share our link with everyone you know!
Questions about Shutterfly Rewards?
Contact Steph at
Thank you!!
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