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Starting May 21st - May 31st

We have put together a family friendly scavenger hunt appropriate for each grade level to replace the regular in person grade events.

The Rules Are Simple

1. Select the list you would like to complete for your grade (some grades have more than 1 list to pick from)

2. With your help, if needed, have your child complete the list and snap photos!

3. Submit the photos using THIS Google Form by May 31st!

4. Have fun and be safe!

Each student who submits ALL TEN items, will receive $5 worth of FREE TICKETS to this year's Summer Kick-Off Event on June 5th at the Leesport Farmers Market! They can be redeemed at the ticket booth the day of the event!


Scavenger Hunt

First Grade

Scavenger Hunt

Second Grade

Scavenger Hunt

Third Grade

Scavenger Hunt

Fourth Grade

Scavenger Hunt

If you have any questions about these events, please reach out to the PTO Board at

Grade Events

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